Ecommerce Performance Index reports- Personal Care & Cosmetics In Japan

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Many factors impact ecommerce performance and the latest report by Edge by Ascential offers crucial ecommerce data in the perspective of consumers to guide brands to raise brand awareness and digital sales. The report, on online personal care and cosmetics ecommerce performance index in the Japan market, highlights the unique perspectives that Edge bring to the ecommerce market, including:

  • Japanese customers tend to have a preference for local products.
  • Effective paid search visibility could contribute to the development of brand awareness and thus improve ecommerce performance and digital sales.

EPI Report for Japan Market

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Edge’s Digital Shelf provides brands with a wide range of real-time data on key ecommerce metrics (availability, reviews, search etc.) relative to the category, highlighting steps brands should take to boost sales, and enabling brands to identify where they rank overall vs. the competition. Contact us at for further information. 

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