Store of the Future Winning Strategy, 2019 Preview

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Our much-anticipated refresh of the Store of the Future Winning Strategy report covers the competitive pressures that retail stores are facing which are brought on by the continuous shift to online, the emergence of new technologies, and a set of more demanding consumer expectations. In this version, we introduce a key new element: our 2019 Global Benchmarking Study. This is an industry-first framework that evaluates retailers based on their Store of the Future efforts and identifies the most advanced and well-positioned retailers around the world. Those familiar with our previous Store of the Future research will recognize 4 key characteristics (experiential, curated, frictionless, social) as pillars of this evaluation, and the newly added operational excellence as a crucial element that underpins sustainable and scalable Store of the Future strategies.

Download the report preview and…

  • Uncover the key capabilities needed to execute well on the Store of the Future vision
  • Understand the different channel and market dynamics that lead to unique iterations of the Store of the Future strategy
  • Discover the disruptive force of pureplayer retailers' foray into physical space as they prove to be more agile in utilizing data to inform product curation, promotional activity, and space allocation
  • Learn about opportunities to leverage retailer ecosystems to engage and retain shoppers, develop proactive solutions to emerging store trends, and own your brand's interactive digital elements
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