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Step 1 - Simply fill the form on the right and you will receive one exclusive retail report per day delivered right to your inbox over the next seven days.

Step 2 – Please choose a sector of interest from the 4 options. The final report you receive on Day 7 of exclusive retail insights will be on the sector chosen by you.




The reports/ executive summaries that you will receive over the next seven days include:

  • Retailer Initiatives Q1 2019 – Find out what key retailers have been up to during the first quarter, and how these may impact your business.
  • Amazon Pureplay Retailer Executive Summary – Detailed summary of the ecommerce giant’s massive shifts in 3P-1P hybrid marketplace and its growing grocery and advertising arms.
  • Ecommerce Sites of the Month, March 2019 – Everything you need to know about the latest website and mobile capabilities being utilized by major retailers to improve customers’ shopping experience.
  • Building a Direct-to-Consumer Business Executive Summary – Find out the operational capabilities vital to become successful in direct-to-consumer business and how leading brands have utilized this strategy
  • Jet.com Retailer Snapshot – Play-by-play of where you should be prioritizing resources and investment in the next five years to win with Jet.com.
  • India Ecommerce Market Report Executive Summary – Detailed summary of how to capitalize on India’s hypergrowth ecommerce market and specific opportunities that brands are already beginning to capture. 
  • Sector of Choice Report – Latest forecasts and developments on the sector of your choice from relevant retailers around the world, designed to help you stay on top of impactful changes. You will select the sector of choice when you sign up for the 7 Days of Exclusive Retail Insights.


You don’t have to start from scratch to figure out your next step in retail, get started on your retail strategy now!

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