In this webcast, we provided attendees with a complimentary, in-depth overview of the industry’s leading digital distribution platform.

Edge Retail Insight is a revolutionary solution for ecommerce, commercial and strategy insight leaders worldwide. Our platform empowers CPG brands and retailers with unmatched flexibility in accessing retail and market data and insights, allowing brands to stay ready for the key drivers and rapid changes that are shaping the future of commerce.

In this session, we provided a robust demonstration of the tool, including:

  • A first-hand look at our new Retail Market Monitor - the next generation retail and market data analytics tool which represents a game-changing insights solution to evaluate the current and future performance of retailers, markets, channels and banners to help you prioritize your resources
  • Which online and physical retailers are driving the most growth, and how you can maximize profitability by aligning your resources with them 
  • How you can stay ahead of the competition and strategize with our five-year forecasts in market and macroeconomic data by getting insights into future performance of various markets and retailers worldwide 
  • Dashboards highlighting key trends across markets and retailers that will shape the future of retail, so you stay ahead of the curve and react
  • How leading, global CPGs can keep track of all their retailer partners, and how they will be affected by current and future trends in commerce 
  • Best practices for using data to demonstrate the size of the ecommerce opportunity, plus which ecommerce markets, business models and platforms your organization should prioritize and partner with
  • Comprehensive and easily accessible Omnichannel, Pureplay and Future of Retail reports, which provide relevant industry news and insights to help create actionable strategies across key markets of choice 


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Director, Content Strategy & Analytics, Edge by Ascential

Doug Koontz