84% of shoppers look at reviews prior to making a purchase decision*. This makes ratings and reviews far more impactful than traditional, digital and social media on sales. Brands best capturing and leveraging ratings and reviews are positioning themselves to drive the shopper’s path-to-purchase on the digital and physical shelf.

Join Unilever’s Digital and eCommerce Capabilities Manager, Jenna Spivak Evans, along with Bazaarvoice's Richard Skardon and Clavis Insight’s Danny Silverman for a case study on how the consumer goods leader is executing best practices to capture and leverage online store ratings and reviews.

Listen to the on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How the consumer utilizes ratings and reviews prior to making a purchase decision

  • The impact of ratings and reviews on online and in-store purchases

  • Unilever’s process to design and execute campaigns to capture ratings and reviews

  • How Unilever leverages insights from customer reviews to respond to customer feedback as well as improve product messaging and design


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Jenna Spivak Evans

Associate Capabilities Manager, Unilever

Jenna Spivak Evans is Associate Capabilities Manager – Digital and eCommerce for Unilever. In her role, Jenna ensures that new digital and eCommerce innovations and best practices are applied across Unilever's brands and in partnership with retail customers.
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Richard Skardon

Client Partner for Global Brands, Bazaarvoice

Richard Skardon is a Client Partner for Global Brands at Bazaarvoice. In his current role, Richard and his team advise brands and manufacturers on how to develop a comprehensive Consumer Generated Content strategy.
Follow Richard: LinkedIn

Danny Silverman

Chief Marketing Office, Clavis Insight

Danny Silverman is Chief Marketing Officer at Clavis Insight. In his role, Danny helps brands enhance equity and drive sales at online retailers with data driven insights and experience informed action.
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