Amazon Brief Year End 2020

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Amazon is one of the leading retailers in the world and brands and retailers alike must stay up-to-date with its every move. This past year was especially eventful, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed consumer behavior around the world.

Fill out the form below to hear Edge by Ascential™ Senior Analyst Jack O’Leary recap the Cyber 5 weekend and reflect on 2020 - a year of intense activity and growth for Amazon.

In this webcast, we:

  •     Recap this year’s Cyber 5 weekend, and look back on all the changes and growth Amazon experienced this past year
  •     Review the latest business updates from across the Amazon ecosystem over the past month across their ecosystem
  •     Share key implications and recommendations for retailers and brands’ ecommerce success
  •     Forecast predictions for the future of Amazon’s marketplace and the implications for you 
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