2022 Planning: Disruptive Retail Strategies Recording

Organisational Structures & Planning

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Are you looking to develop a winning 2022 retail strategy? Digital commerce is no longer an ‘optional’ element of your retail strategy -- it’s essential.

The Suez Canal obstruction, vaccines, borders reopening, just-walk-out technology  -- if you thought disruptors were a remnant of 2020, you were mistaken. Our customers saw disruption impacting growth across markets, channels, and customers.  

To stay ahead and plan a winning retail strategy, you need to ensure you have the data and insights to capture your share of growth. Join our experts for our upcoming Organisational Structures & Planning where we’ll discuss how we have helped clients build their retail strategy including:

  • The size of the prize across key markets, customers, and channels
  • The trends and drivers impacting your categories
  • The post-COVID behavior here to stay
  • The retail winners of tomorrow and their changing business models
  • The right investment approach to win

You can access the recording of this webcast now by filling in the form below. 

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