Deren Baker EDGE CEO Presents 'How to Win in the Next Generation of Retail'

Edge, in partnership with the Consumer Goods Forum, presented a VIP session on The Future of Retail: Retail 5.0. We invited selected guests to hear from our leaders and experts as they dissected the seismic shift the industry witnessed in 2020 and discussed our vision for the future of commerce. We are delighted to be able to now share the keynote session, presented by Edge CEO, Deren Baker.

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Join Edge CEO Deren Baker as he discusses: 

+ What is the Fifth Generation of retail?

+ What are the biggest changes in the industry and implication for CPGs?

+ Key challenges CPGs must address in Retail 5.0?

+ Recommendations for winning in Retail 5.0?


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Deren Baker headshot
Deren Baker
CEO, Edge by Ascential

Deren Baker has used data to make smarter decisions his entire career.  From product management and marketing jobs at Travelocity and Switchfly to his previous role as CEO of Jumpshot, Deren always follows what the data reveals. As the President of Edge by Ascential, Deren is focused on providing products and services that help Edge's customers win in digital retail.

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