Advisory Roadshow / June 2021 Recording

Evolving your brand’s organizational structure is critical to win in the future of retail - catch up with our recent Advisory Roadshow webcast

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Retail and consumer behavior has evolved; so must your team

With the rapid evolution and adoption of digital commerce globally, the way we work to meet the market has fundamentally changed. This requires expanded skill sets and evolved organizational structures. 

Join us for our most recent Advisory Roadshow webcast, as Edge by Ascential experts Nick Everitt, Shyla Killion, Kurt Vogel, and Kelsey Regan discuss the ways in which you should be assessing and pivoting your team.

Building on the subject of upskilling from our previous Roadshow, this session discusses how to take your skilled team and position them for your business success -- covering the successes and resources Edge has provided clients in the past months to help them pivot their organization to meet the future of retail head-on. 

Topics covered included:

  • Industry benchmarking and the models used by CPGs as they build out eCommerce capability
  • The challenges faced as companies look to recruit and retain the right skills to win in digital commerce
  • Insight into how we build recommendations and deliver them to our clients 


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