*Featuring Special Guest Stephanie Leffler, Chief Executive Officer of OneSpace*


The formula for ecommerce growth is relatively simple: Traffic x Conversion = Sales.

Traffic is a combined factor of both 1) paid search, media and promotion, and even more importantly, 2) organic search rank.  

Because less than 30% of shoppers ever scroll past the first page of search results for a given keyword term, brands must land their products on the first results page if they have any hope of driving traffic, generating consideration and conversion and ultimately, winning the digital shelf.

In addition, in today’s age of new retail, shoppers are increasingly leveraging online retailers’ sites and apps - like Amazon and Walmart -  as product research tools as much as buying platforms.  Therefore, losing the digital shelf from a search rank standpoint will likely cost your brand online and off. 

And so, SEO optimization may be one of the most important pillars of your brand’s omnichannel strategy. 

In Part 1 of this two-part, special edition strategy webcast series we joined forces with OneSpace, an industry leader in ecommerce product content development and strategy, to discuss the latest SEO insights, and the actions and best practices brands can activate immediately to optimize their content for improved search rank and increased traffic to drive that ecommerce growth formula.


*Part II of this series, on September 10th, will focus on optimizing conversion.


We covered:

  • What best-in-class product content really looks like for search optimization purposes
  • The latest and most underleveraged best practices for optimizing brand product pages on leading retail platforms like Amazon and Walmart to drive improved search rank
  • The insights and “why” behind these best practices to leverage internally to help justify process changes needed to activate - especially important for medium and larger consumer brand organizations with multiple content stakeholders and gatekeepers.
  • How the flywheel effect of digital shelf excellence in optimizing for search and traffic can help with conversion and vice versa for “perpetual” success and sales growth


This webcast featured OneSpace CEO Stephanie Leffler and Edge by Ascential™ Insight Manager Bret Bonzell, as they discussed how to optimize your SEO strategy, top the all-important search rankings, and ultimately, win the digital shelf.


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Insights Manager, Edge by Ascential

Bret Bonzell

CEO, OneSpace

Stephanie Leffler