*Featuring Special Guest Stephanie Leffler, Chief Executive Officer of OneSpace*

The formula for ecommerce growth is relatively simple: Traffic x Conversion = Sales.

Conversion is often a natural by-product of Traffic because a shopper must have reached a brand’s product page at least once via paid search, media or promotion OR via organic search to consider purchase let alone make a purchase.

However, all too often, more attention and resources are focused on SEO optimization for engaging retailer algorithms than are focused on engaging human shoppers themselves at that point of ecommerce purchase (or omnichannel influence) to guide them from consideration to conversion, and hopefully long-term “loyalty.”  

Increasing conversion, especially for specific keyword searches, not only increases your sales and sales rank, but also your search rank for those specific keywords.

And therefore, conversion optimization is arguably the second most important pillar of your brand’s omnichannel strategy, after SEO optimization. 

In Part 2* of this two-part, special edition strategy webcast series on Tuesday, September 10th at 10:30 EST, we join forces with OneSpace, an industry leader in ecommerce product content development and strategy, to discuss the latest insights on accelerating conversion, as well as the actions and best practices brands can activate immediately to increase shopper engagement for increased conversion, ultimately leading to improved search rank and increased traffic to continuously drive that ecommerce growth formula.

*Part 1 of this series focused on optimizing search performance.

Webcast attendees will learn:

  • What best-in-class product content really looks like for conversion optimization purposes
  • The latest and most underleveraged best practices for optimizing brand product pages on leading retail platforms like Amazon and Walmart to drive improved conversion
  • The insights and “why” behind these best practices to leverage internally to help justify process changes needed to activate, especially important for medium and larger consumer brand organizations with multiple content stakeholders and gatekeepers.
  • How the flywheel effect of digital shelf excellence in optimizing for conversion can help with traffic and vice versa for “perpetual” success and sales growth

This webcast will feature OneSpace CEO Stephanie Leffler and Edge by Ascential ™ VP for Global Executive Education Chris Perry as we discuss the best ways to increase conversion and, ultimately, win the Digital Shelf.