Ascential is an international, business-to-business information company with corporate headquarters in London. Clavis Insight was acquired by Ascential in December 2017. Clavis works closely with other companies within the Ascential group - in particular One Click Retail and PRNG. 


One Click Retail

Clavis Insight and One Click Retail have joined forces, with a shared vision to be the Definitive Source for eCommerce insights. Enabled by data science and technology, Clavis Insight and One Click Retail empower brands with the most accurate, actionable and comprehensive insights to drive performance across fundamental attributes of eCommerce success like market share, traffic & conversion, search optimization, and price analytics. Their proprietary 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ framework further helps brands to optimize eCommerce strategy and execution. Together, they partner with over 10,000 of the world’s largest brands in every region of the world, including Procter & Gamble, Panasonic, Nestle, Hasbro, and Hamilton Beach.


PlanetRetail RNG

PlanetRetail RNG is a global intelligence and advisory business exclusively focused on digital retail. We track over 2,000 leading retailers and have built a proprietary and globally comparable macro-economic model, with over 4.5 million data points. Through applying out STEIP methodology, we identify winning strategies that give our clients competitive advantage in understanding where to play and how to win. 18 of the top 20 global retailers and hundreds of global brands work with us to identify and drive the future of retail and consumer purchase.

Our Partners

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, retail brands and manufacturers are deploying increasingly sophisticated tools, techniques, and analytics solutions to support their efforts to grow category sales both online and instore. Clavis Insight partners with technology and service providers across the eCommerce ecosystem. Together we enable brands to integrate their solutions for more impactful business intelligence, streamlined business processes, and ultimately the ability to stay ahead of the competition.



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