Amazon’s Q4/Full Year 2021 Earnings - Edge by Ascential responds

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San Francisco 7 February 2022: For the first time ever Amazon published financial details about its online ad business as a separate revenue line (previously it has included advertising in its ‘other’ revenue category). Amazon said sales from its advertising business grew 32% YoY to US $9.7 billion. Advertising  is now a + US $30 billion business for Amazon and the third largest advertising business in the world (only behind Google-parent Alphabet and Facebook-parent Meta). Net sales grew 9% YoY to $137.4 billion (+10% exc FX movements).

Commenting on the earnings announcement, Deren Baker, CEO, Edge by Ascential, said:

“Over the next year, we could see Amazon look to accelerate automation in its supply chain and increase investment in its global transportation network and logistics infrastructure in order to address rising labor costs and worker shortages. Inflation and the rising cost of shipping are issues affecting retailers across the board and will put pressure on retailers and brands to consider how much they bear themselves and how much they can pass on to customers. 

“Amazon has evolved into a true platform. More than 50% of its revenue in Q3 came from areas outside of first-party retailing, such as cloud computing and advertising, and while this flipped back in Q4, it's the long-term direction of growth. Edge by Ascential currently anticipates that US $2.4 trillion dollars in sales will move online over the next 5 years.”

“Worldwide economic growth is expected to slow in 2022: We are predicting that worldwide economic growth based on GMV will be 14% in 2022, compared to 37% in 2020, and 16% in 2021.”

Deren was hosted on Cheddar TV talking about Amazon's earnings and his comments were featured in Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Live Mint and other news outlets. 


Deren Baker, CEO, Edge by Ascential, talks to Cheddar TV


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Live Mint reports Amazon Q4 2021 earnings

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