Yimian Presentation

Drive sales and share growth

  • Know where you stand in your category
  • Identify trends before your competition
  • Identify challenger brands before they become a threat
  • Prioritize your channels effectively
  • Leverage growth opportunities

Trusted by the world's leading brands

Case study: Global leading pet care brand Market:China

Pivoted product strategy to avoid supply chain disruptions


  • Supply shortages caused by customs issues
  • Expansion beyond current range of imported products to develop a new locally produced product range


  • Yimian Market Share collected online sales and customer reviews data for 1M+ pet food products
  • Extracted insights on specific market trends and shopper preferences


  • New products developed with small packs, with a product mix that targeted top trending flavours in the category
  • Led to an 50% increase in sales

"Yimian helped us meet the ever-changing needs of customers better than our competitors."

William Liu

APAC Digital Business Partner

Yimian is a technology-driven big data insights company that helps brands better understand the complex digital ecosystem and its growth levers.

It is founded in China, the most advanced digital commerce market in the world, providing services to leading brands including ABInbev, GSK, J&J, L’Oréal, Mars, Mead Johnson, P&G, Unilever and more.

Yimian was recognized as KPMG’s Top 50 Leading Retail Tech Enterprises in China in 2020 and has acquired extensive patterns for its technology and products.

More Solutions

Price & Promotion:
Drive topline revenue growth by maintaining price competitiveness and maximizing promotional ROI

  • Forecast sales for your planned promotions: price elasticity models using rich historical competition data including prices, promotion levels, sales, and market environments help you optimize your price and promotion strategy.
  • Stay competitive: your price and promotion data summarized, categorized, and analyzed for competitiveness and benchmarked against the competition.
  • Less noise, focused promotion analysis: uncover the true transaction value for promotions for apples to apples impact analysis to understand which of your programs are delivering the best outcomes for your brand.

Ratings & Reviews:
Optimize product and brand development with a stronger understanding of customer needs, challenges, and perceptions of your brand

  • Focus your consumer feedback analysis: through natural language processing (NLP), audit your reviews in by topic and sentiment to focus on the areas where you can take action and improve your business.
  • Identify threats and opportunities: benchmark your customer sentiment against the competition with sentiment and semantic analysis. 
  • Pinpoint product innovation: discover where unmet needs exist for consumers and work with your product team to identify how your brand could build to solve those needs. 
  • Added layer of customer data to your prioritization process: bring your consumer feedback data into your prioritization process by focusing on areas your consumers care about most. 

Listen & Leverage:
Find your brand influencers and detractors through careful, focused social listening and analytics

  • Market events and impact: in-depth analysis into the events and trends impacting your performance over time by brand, beginning and end, KOL, subject, and touched audience across social networks.
  • Protect your brand equity: monitor brand sentiments and distinguish between promoters and detractors within your audiences with step-by-step recommendations on how to better manage your brand. 
  • Optimize your audience targeting: reach the right people on the right channels with in-depth audience analysis to better identify and target your spend for the best results.
  • Spend your money where it matters: gain clear recommendations on topics, KOLs, and content based on impact and contribution analyses.