eCommerce Program Management for Retail

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The retail industry has witnessed drastic transformation in recent years. Forrester estimates that 60% of all retail sales will be digitally influenced by 2017. Innovation and technology shifts are enabling mass changes in shopping behavior and have given birth to the omnichannel shopping experience. If your products are not available and winning in the online channel today, your organization will miss out on the ecommerce tipping point when it comes to your key categories.

That’s why ecommerce program management is no longer a “nice to have,” but a call to action to brands and manufacturers to get the basics right now so that you’re not lagging behind the competition later.

To jumpstart your success on the digital shelf, it’s important for ecommerce teams to get quick wins early on, while simultaneously creating a long-term plan. But you’ll also need to build a business case and gain support internally to succeed in the channel.

With more brands taking more ownership of their ecommerce management, teams responsible for this emerging channel are faced with the challenge of setting a solid foundation for success. Set up your brand to win the digital shelf by accelerating your ecommerce program to take advantage of the opportunities of this fast-growing channel.

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