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Many of us grew up in a brick and mortar world. But today, brick and mortar retail is delivering anemic growth, with most estimates projecting world wide eCommerce penetration hitting 15% of all retail sales by 2020. Yet even today, eCommerce has already emerged as the leading revenue growth channel around the world. So what do brands need to know to drive online revenue? Brands need an ongoing solution to proactively address and even prevent issues before they become a question, thus maximizing their eCommerce efforts. As we have seen many times, internet native brands are eager to jump ahead of traditional market leaders. 



Clavis Insight is your solution. We will help you answer all of your questions by delivering visibility and actionable insights into brand presence and performance, through a combination of automated technology and world class services. 

​Clavis' leading-edge proprietary technology automates online store monitoring, at scale, so that teams can focus on taking actions.


Our technology harvests data daily from online retailers anywhere in the world...


…and captures anything shoppers might see on desktop, mobile web, or app…


…to present standardized, organized, and actionable analytics and insight.

Technology Platform

A History of Innovation

Clavis invented the eCommerce monitoring and analytics space in 2012 following a pivot from general data quality. After pioneering eCommerce monitoring and analytics for product manufacturers, we remain the global leader in the space to this day. The eCommerce space has grown dramatically since 2012, and with it we have evolved our platform year after year. In 2014, our 2.x platform defined best in class user experience, making it easier than ever to access analytics and measure performance.

In 2017, we are revolutionizing eCommerce analytics again with a new strategic framework to understand eCommerce measurement, along with innovation that will make it simpler and easier than ever to turn analytics into actions that drive results. These analytics, in turn, ensure your products will be found and purchased by online consumers. With the Clavis Insight solution, brands always have the most comprehensive eCommerce insights, including the desktop and mobile app shelf, sales, and share, just a few clicks away.

Proven and Intuitive Solution

With hundreds of live instances around the world operating at scale and heavy ongoing R&D and development investment, our User Experience, Data Accuracy, Speed and Agility are unparalleled. This means users are spending more time actioning insights and driving results, rather than wrestling data.

Leading Innovation

Our innovation roadmap is driven by thousands of users via User Feedback Panels, Customer Advisory Boards, our Annual eCommerce Accelerator Summits, Focus Groups, and 1:1 Interviews.

Our expert eCommerce consultants are located in eCommerce hub markets, close to our customers for local engagement and support. They live and breathe eCommerce, all day, everyday, with a variety of backgrounds and expertise so when you need eCommerce guidance and support, they're there and ready to help. We pride ourselves on maintaining Joint Business Plans with every customer to ensure Clavis is delivering meaningful value.

In addition, our Professional Services team is available to offer supplemental consulting and analytics to ensure all of your business needs can be met.

Global Edge

We are located in the 4 hub regions that represent the epicenters of eCommerce, as driven by our global customers: The United States, United Kingdom, France, and China. Localized expertise from each hub is exported regularly throughout Clavis Insight to bring best in class practices and product solutions to the other regions.

Whether it's one market or dozens of countries, deploying and sustaining an enterprise level analytics solution requires expertise, strong processes, and robust, leading-edge technology to ensure smooth operations. Clavis has handled global activations for the largest product manufacturers in the world, which means we have the experience and skill to drive speed to value. And we stand behind it with defined SLAs and data accuracy standards.

Ecosystem Alliances and Integrations

We know our customers have multiple technology partners. We work with these partners so your team spends less time wrestling data across providers, and more time taking action. We are proud of the relationships we have built with the major eCommerce technology providers around the world.