The leadership team

Deren Baker
CEO, Edge by Ascential

Deren Baker has used data to make smarter decisions his entire career. From product management and marketing jobs at Travelocity and Switchfly to his previous role as CEO of Jumpshot, Deren always follows what the data reveals. As the CEO of Edge by Ascential, Deren is focused on providing products and services that help Edge's customers win in digital retail.

Hannah Donoghue
Vice President, Professional Services

Hannah Donoghue is Edge by Ascential's VP Professional Services, leading the company's global advisory & insights work. Hannah's focus is bringing our thought leadership to our partners to help them grow profitably in digital commerce. Hannah was a founding team member of RetailNet Group, which Ascential acquired in 2015. Hannah graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Economics and Hispanic Studies.

Erin McDaniel
Vice President, Sales

Erin McDaniel is the VP of Customer Growth at Edge by Ascential. With over 15 years leading Customer Success and Sales Organizations in the digital media and commerce space,  she is passionate about creating high performing customer facing teams that help clients solve their challenges with data and actionable insights. Prior to joining Edge, Erin led the customer facing team at Experian Hitwise, She also ran the Sales organizations at Series A startups Lexer and ListReports. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego. 

Alvin Jeng
Chief Technology Officer

Alvin Jeng has a passion for data, engineering, and solving real-world problems with innovative technology. His career spans a variety of interests, from being the founder of websites in the automotive space, engineering a remote telescope imaging network, to his previous role as CTO of Jumpshot. At Edge by Ascential, Alvin focuses on innovative solutions that allow customers to win in digital commerce, both today and into the future. Outside of the office, Alvin loves exploring the outdoors through hiking trails and driving twisty roads on two or four wheels.

Hong Tsui
Senior Vice President, Business Operations

Hong Tsui has dabbled in all things data and numbers related and has held positions in both finance and data science fields. Most recently he was SVP of Finance and Data Science of Jumpshot, and before that he was CFO of Switchfly. Hong loves travel and has many adventure stories to tell including hitchhiking onto a private airplane in Africa.

Xian Wang
Vice President, Retail Insight

Xian Wang is Global Content Director for Retail Insight at Edge by Ascential. With nearly 15 years of experience in global research, data analytics and content strategy, Xian brings a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of digital retail business models and market trends to the organization. Prior to joining Edge by Ascential, Xian served as Director for the Intelligence division at investment research firm Third Bridge. Xian graduated from the University Cambridge with a BSC in Economics.

Johann Dudley
Senior Vice President, Product

Johann is a veteran product leader in the digital space.  From digital media to digital commerce, Johann has spent the better part of two decades delivering measurement and analytics solutions to some of the biggest brands in the world.  Johann is especially focused on how the world of advertising intersects with commerce in today’s fragmented space leading to improved outcomes.