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19-20 March 2019
UCLA Anderson Executive Education
Los Angeles, CA

Join Edge by Ascential™ in partnership with UCLA Anderson School of Management for an exclusive two-day certificate immersion program for brand and retail leaders across functions – taught by leading UCLA Anderson School of Management business professors, Edge by Ascential™ advisors and industry practitioners – that provides the perfect blend of theory and application to analyze and operationalize the latest strategies critical to winning the future of commerce.

Health & Personal Care: Q3 Update

Blog November 16, 2018

For Health & Personal Care brands, is key retail partner.  HPC is Amazon's largest household consumables category and it continues to grow faster than most. So as the holidays rapidly approach, let's look at the state of HPC on and within the wider US retail landscape.

Holiday Recap Report

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Edge by Ascential is compiling blow-by-blow coverage of the 2018 Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend sales trends and insights. Complete the form to receive the compiled report prior to its release to the general public on December 5th.

AMZ Effect: Kitchen Accessories

Blog November 07, 2018

Don't let its small size fool you: the Kitchen Accessories category is fiercely competitive. It's a perfect example of what happens when a demand remains unmet by first party brands (1Ps), with two predictable consequences: one, third party sellers (3Ps) fill the void and come to dominate the category; and two, Amazon leverages its home-field advantage to meet the demand with new private label products.