“Share of Search” report reveals top-performing Cosmetics brands

Edge by Ascential has released a “Share of Search” report for the Cosmetics category across key retailers in the Singapore eCommerce market, and it shows that the top brands are being challenged by a range of other contenders.

According to the report, the findings are:

  • Maybelline and Perfect Diary are leading the way in the most popular shopper search terms, but a wide array of brands are also strong players. 
  • Estée Lauder ranked only seventh for the key search term “Foundation” on Shopee, with 3.5%.
  • For the search term “Foundation”, Maybelline had the greatest average “share of voice” over the month of April among the top 10 brands on Shopee.
  • Sofina achieved the biggest share for the search term “Foundation” with 9.7%.

Edge data shows that 90% of purchases begin with search and 80% of clicks remain on the first page, so it’s imperative for you to understand where your “share of voice” is against your rivals, particularly in the search terms with the most traffic.

Fill out the form and download the “Share of Search” report to understand well your brand’s performance in the search rankings.

If you would like more information on how to boost eCommerce performance by improving search visibility or simply find out more about the results, please email us at: edge.apac@ascentialedge.com.

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