Consumer Behaviour Insights and US Shopping Trends

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Shopping behavior is a moving target. From grocery delivery to click and collect to researching local product availability, technology is enabling rapid changes in the ways that consumers discover, consider, and purchase products.

Understanding shopper trends allows brands to anticipate the best ways to empower shoppers and position their products online. Is price or convenience the greater motivator on the path to purchase? Should you focus on promotions or will launching a shopper engagement campaign to increase Ratings and Reviews have greater long-term impact? Which demographics are more likely to shop at Target or Walmart compared to Amazon?

Our shopper survey is designed to help you answer these and many other questions you may have about trends in shopping behavior. Our analysis gives you access to the full survey results, breaking down shopping preferences and behaviors across multiple categories and demographics.

Download the US Clavis Insight Shopper Survey to learn how to best position your brand for success.