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Formerly Brand View, Clavis Insight, One Click Retail and PlanetRetail RNG, Edge by Ascential™ delivers some of the industry’s most accurate and actionable sales-driving data, insights and advisory solutions for global brands and retailers looking to win in today’s ecommerce-driven world. Our solutions enable the world’s top brands and retailers to implement strategies that help maximize revenue growth; optimize product listings; increase sales faster than the category and the competition; and drive margin growth with pricing and promotions. Our weekly, daily and real-time data-driven insights (including online Sales and Share measurement, Digital Shelf performance, Price & Promotions monitoring and Retail Insights intelligence), coupled with a wide range of customized advisory and education services, give our clients a comprehensive and competitive advantage across the entire landscape online and around the globe.

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City AM

Amazon to dethrone both Tesco and Sainsbury as UK’s largest retailers within four years

[B]y 2025, Edge by Ascential’s syndicated research arm, Edge Retail Insight, predicts that Tesco sales will rise to £76.1bn in total sales, representing annual sales growth of 3.5 per cent but not enough to stay ahead of Amazon’s overall UK sales expansion.

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Modern Retail

Walmart reports strong e-commerce growth, but Amazon is inching closer

Doug Koontz, the director of product and content strategy at Edge by Ascential, told Modern Retail [...] “5 years ago, I don’t think the outlook for Walmart was nearly this positive,” he said, noting that Walmart’s technology and logistics investments are keeping it competitive.

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Internet Retailing

GUEST COMMENT In the digital future, CPGs must have a marketplace strategy to succeed

Deren Baker, CEO of Edge by Ascential, comments on the future of retail and the strategy that CPGs must take. "For many others though, the pandemic simply widened cracks that had been growing for years but which were too difficult to address."

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