Custom research and insight to help maximize your revenue growth

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Partner with industry veterans, serving as an extension of your team, to solve retail's pressing challenges and build customized, data-driven strategies for success.

Identify and evaluate potential opportunities for growth to maximize investment choices.

Opportunity Assessment

  • Digital Market Assessment - Customized, in-depth assessment providing you opportunity intelligence, a go-to-market strategy, and actionable recommendations for your ecommerce efforts.
  • Ecommerce Market Prioritization - A custom situational assessment to prioritize ecommerce market entry, future opportunity & investment for your selected markets. 
  • 3P Strategic Playbook - A custom playbook with actionable recommendations for your 3P strategy and how to build one from your current strategy.
  • Click & Collect and Online Grocery Playbook - A custom playbook detailing what the future of click & collect and online grocery is in your market.

Inform your business planning with actionable, data-driven analysis on your competitive position.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Digital Benchmarking - Our ecommerce assessment will show you exactly where you stack up against your competitors, with insights on the latest innovations & best practices.
  • Store of the Future Benchmarking - Leveraging our proprietary framework, we will benchmark your store of the future readiness so that you know how to get & stay ahead.
  • Fulfillment Benchmarking - Our benchmarking will inform your fulfillment capability roadmap to identify which gaps to address and which opportunities to leverage.
  • 6Ps Landscape Assessment - Through our exclusive 6Ps assessment, we will show you where you stack up against your competitors in your digital shelf management.

Discover what capabilities you need to deepen and partner to embed them into your organization.

Capability Development

  • Amazon, Walmart or Omnichannel Bootcamp -  Our two-part Bootcamps will help you to unlock demand and fix leaks to accelerate growth in bootcamp subject of your choice. 
  • Omnichannel Commercial Leadership Program - Our comprehensive program will empower your sales organization to strategically partner and grow profitably with your key customers’ ecommerce & ever increasingly omnichannel businesses.
  • Digital Shelf & Retailer SEO Workshop - Our cross-functional workshop will help you to up-skill your teams on the fundamentals of Search in retailer & traditional algorithms and learn how to influence your search performance using content. Learn how you're performing in search today in your key categories and build action plans to take it to the next level. 

Innovate your strategy and build action plans to win in the next generation of retail.

Strategy Formulation

  • Retail 2025 Briefings - Our analyst team regularly presents at yearly sales meetings, top to tops and leadership sessions.  If you need to reinforce your growth message amidst a challenging landscape, we’re here to help.  We will customize the agenda to meet your needs. 
  • Retail Innovation Store Tours - Our team will lead you on an innovation tour to see first-hand innovative store formats, concepts and activations.  
  • Strategic Planning Immersions - Using our proprietary four-step strategic planning process, we will help you identify & prioritize growth initiatives to inform your annual or multi-year strategic plan.
  • Ecommerce Go-to-Market Blueprint - We will assess your ecommerce readiness and partner with you to build your ecommerce go to market plan. We’ll run an activation workshop to bring the blueprint to life with your senior leadership team.

Tailored engagements to evaluate and solve your unique business challenge.

 Custom Research Programs