Optimize your catalog with prioritized actions


Drive growth with actions prioritized by the five essential KPIs: Availability, Share of Search, Content Accuracy, Ratings/Reviews and Price/Promotions.

This industry-leading ecommerce analytics SaaS platform is designed to provide performance, priorities and actions for optimal growth through online retailers.

Understand your product availability all the way down to the store-level across various retailers so that you can:

  • Prioritize actions to optimize the availability of your products
  • Identify products that have ongoing availability issues
  • Proactively identify out of stocks and lost buy box problem areas that represent lost sales
  • Analyze assortment and pricing at zone and store level with location-based analytics
  • Directly oversee and optimize the distribution of products down to the individual-store level with Location-Based Analytics

Availability & Assortment


Maximize your revenue, while protecting your brand equity with the tools to create effective channel-specific strategies, which can help you:

  • Monitor channel pricing
  • Ensure promotions compliance
  • Protect brand equity 
  • Gather competitive intelligence
  • Ensure retailers are observing pricing agreements

Pricing & Promotions


Understand the extent to which your products are discoverable within retailers’ search engines so that you can:

  • Benchmark your search performance versus competitors
  • Prioritize search optimization efforts by retailer, category, or brand
  • Understand Paid Search impact on discovery & ranking
  • Identify SKUs that are not discoverable via retailer menu trees

Search Rank & Share of Search


Gain valuable insights into the public opinion of your products so that you can:

  • Compare performance to benchmarks and competitors
  • Identify SKUs that are underperforming in Ratings & Reviews
  • Optimize discoverability through search and voice algorithms
  • Leverage user-generated keywords to optimize content copy

Ratings & Reviews


Improve your search performance and understand its impact on your products’ online availability. with detailed reports that can help you:

  • Identify SKUs that are underperforming in Ratings & Reviews
  • Compare copy & images in your DAM to retailer product pages
  • Prioritize content optimization efforts by retailer, category & brand
  • Pinpoint which SKUs are displaying sub-optimal copy or images 

Content Integrity & Image Accuracy


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