From search and content to availability rates and ratings & reviews – your online presence & performance determines your online sales.

Edge Digital Shelf is the only solution that provides measurement & benchmarking customized to your organization’s definition of category - giving you the most reliable metrics for measuring your online business and charting your future strategy.

The Digital Shelf Solution

Measurement & Benchmarking

Measurement and benchmarking delivered according to your organization’s definition of the categories you play in

Clear Comparisons

Normalized metrics for simple and powerful executive-level retailer vs. retailer performance comparisons

Easy Prioritization

Designed for quick identification of priorities and actions

Timely Actions

Exports, alerts and APIs available for timely actions and external analyses


A leading confectionary brand needed to improve performance on a key retailer site, but lacked visibility into the best strategy and influences for that retailer.

The client leveraged Edge Digital Shelf to gain visibility into:

Content, Images, and required information on the retailers PDPs – Share of search and keyword performance across the retailer – Category and SKU-level insights

Thanks to these and other insights from Digital Shelf, the client saw an increase of 10 places in category ranking, and a 65% sales increase for a key product.

Sales increase for a key product