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Winning in a new generation of retail

Ecommerce is the number one driver of retail growth, expected to account for 40% of total sales by 2024 (Retail Insight, 2020). This presents a huge opportunity for the brands that can obtain, understand, and act on key ecommerce insights. Digital Shelf is an industry-leading ecommerce analytics SaaS platform designed to help brands outmaneuver their competition and take sales and share by providing performance, priorities and actions to accelerate their online growth.

How to win the Digital Shelf

Digital Shelf helps you drive digital growth with actions prioritized across our five essential KPIs: Availability and Assortment, Share of Search, Content Accuracy, Ratings and Reviews, Price and Promotions. .

Availability + Traffic x Conversion = Sales & Share

Our 5 Essential KPIs

  • Availability And Assortment
  • Share Of Search
  • Content Accuracy
  • Ratings And Reviews
  • Price And Promotions

Availability and Assortment

Brands experience up to 22% loss of weekly sales every day a SKU is out-of-stock.

  • Prioritize your actions to optimize product availability and mitigate lost sales
  • Highlight out-of-stock items and lost buy box opportunities
  • Identify products and retailers with persistent availability issues
  • Analyze assortment and pricing at zone and store level to spot location-specific issues and opportunities

Share of Search

Improving your search ranking by just 10 spots can drive a sales increase of up to 21%.

  • Benchmark your search performance against competitors
  • Identify SKUs that are undiscoverable
  • Prioritize search optimization strategies across retailers
  • Understand the impact of paid search

Content Accuracy

An accurate Product Detail Page (PDP) can result in a 31% weekly sales uplift for a content compliant product.

  • Pinpoint which SKUs are displaying non-compliant copy or images
  • Compare copy and images in your Digital Asset Management (DAM) to your PDPs
  • Keyword-optimize your titles and descriptions to bolster your search ranking

Ratings and Reviews

Brands can experience a sales increase of up to 5% for 10 additional reviews and a 9% sales increase for a +0.5 star rating on their PDP’s.

  • Identify underperforming SKUs
  • Compare performance to competitor benchmarks
  • Leverage user-generated keywords to optimize copy and drive conversion

Price and Promotions

Each day a promotional offer is active, brands can see up to a 6% weekly sales increase.

  • Monitor channel pricing
  • Ensure promotions compliance
  • Gather competitive intelligence to protect brand equity

Digital Shelf gives you the full cycle view of your performance, across all retailers around the world.

Client success stories

From page 20 to page 1 for "power bank"

The "power bank" space is becoming more competitive. One brand was struggling, dropping to page 20 of search results with declining sales. We provided insight into how customers were buying and searching for portable power banks, moving it from page 20 all the way up to page 1, rank 2.

35% share of search boost for CPG

A global consumer goods company lacked advanced ecommerce insights to inform its omnichannel strategy in China. By embedding Digital Shelf within cross-functional processes - with clear ownership of KPI measurement - it boosted its power product share of search by 35%.