Optimize price and promotions to drive margin and growth

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Plan, analyze and execute the optimal pricing and promotions tactics with our deep dive data to outmaneuver your competitors’ strategies.

This industry-leading SaaS solution enables you to both measure and manage your pricing and promotions position, effectively communicate this to your shoppers and optimize your performance.

Review how your pricing and promotional strategy compares to your competition across various retailers, brands and SKUs so that you can:

  • Monitor price changes for both your and competitors’ products 
  • Build the most effective price strategies
  • Protect margins & optimize profitability
  • Track price and promotions compliance

Daily Prices + Promotions



Discover how competitors’ prices have moved daily/weekly/monthly to ensure that you are performing at par with the competition. Data is harvested daily and analysis is available at different levels of the hierarchy, enabling you to:

  • Understand pricing trends over time
  • Monitor price inflation and the impact of promotions 
  • Formulate price strategy for your products using historical data
  • Monitor impact of own and competitive pricing strategy at the category level

Pricing History


Evaluate the various levels of promotional support taking place in the market. Compare promotional trends at the brand, manufacturer or retailer level so that you can:

  • Analyze historical promotional trends across the industry to plan promotions
  • Negotiate promotions between retailer/manufacturer
  • Understand how well promotional events conform to your strategy
  • Use alongside other analysis to assess the effectiveness of promotional activity

Promotional History


Compare pricing structures amongst competitive retailers, uncover price gaps in the market and identify the most un-competitively priced products in a retailer’s range. Using this analysis can help you:

  • Understand pricing across product ranges at a glance for multiple retailers
  • Identify SKU’s within your range that aren’t priced competitively
  • Highlight opportunities for targeting prices where competitors are lacking
  • Pinpoint significant price variation between retailers

Strategic Pricing


This intuitive browser extension saves considerable time and resources. Onsite 2 allows you to instantly review competitor pricing against your own, directly from your or your competition’s retailer site and helps you:

  • Review pricing and promotional information for the product across retailers at a glance 
  • Stay informed on relevant market trends 
  • Compare historical prices using graphs
  • Monitor real-time pricing across retailers’ websites

Onsite 2


Stay updated on price changes by competitors, the launch of new products, changes in promotional strategies and out-of-stock products with daily, weekly, or monthly alerts which enable you to:

  • Identify your own items’ price, promo and stock changes 
  • Monitor competitors’ new launches, price changes and promotions