Price + Promo

A complete view of your competitive landscape. Price + Promo informs your price positioning and price indexing, so you stay competitive and drive margin.

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Price + Promo dashboard shown on computer monitor
  • Stay competitive on your customers most important lines - Focus Baskets
  • Competitor Price Index; understanding the cost of your basket compared to your competitors to adjust where necessary. Managing your pricing hierarchy; ensuring your ease of shop rules are maintained
  • Benchmarking your promo plan against your own and competitors recent activity and in previous years
  • Ensuring your key events are stronger year-on-year and stand out from the competition
  • Comparing your product master assortment against your competitors to maintain exciting innovations and compelling choice for your customers
  • Checking in on your strategic plans and adapting them to meet current and future market dynamics
Supporting your pricing teams, range teams, buying teams, category planning teams.

Client success stories

John Lewis increases success of price matching promise

John Lewis was struggling to price match effectively, leaving customers dissatisfied. Price + Promo helped double price matches by reacting faster and taking less time so JL always has the most accurate daily prices. Since working with Edge their sales increased from £3.56 billion to £3.88 billion.

Unilever's new deodorant increases sales by 14%

A new deodorant wasn't getting the online sales Unilever had forecast. Price + Promo identified reasons why the product was ranking poorly and not achieving expected sales. Our insights helped increase sales by 14% over the next quarter.