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Capture future growth with proprietary research and data trusted by over 600 of the world's biggest brands and retailers.

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Where will you capture future growth?

By 2024, the total value of global retail sales will surpass 12.7 trillion USD, with 34% of all sales online. Do you know how to capture this growth for your business?

Retail Insight guides your critical decisions and empowers your strategic initiatives. With our proprietary research and data, you can monitor the markets and discover the opportunities for growth.

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Size and scale

Data and insights for over 2,200 global retailers, 5,200 unique ecommerce banners, 15,000 unique store-based banners, 18 channels and 48 global formats.

Data and analytics

Identify market and channel opportunities and pinpoint where to make your next move.


Build a 3-5 year strategic plan based on detailed analysis and research, featuring the latest innovations and best-in-class case studies.

News and insight

Track, analyze, and benchmark omnichannel and pure-play retailer performance to capture the most innovative and impactful initiatives globally.


Enhance your team's skills and capabilities with events that showcase our team of experts.

Annual Strategic Initiatives

Use data to build and adjust your strategic plans based on current and future dynamics.

The Retail Insight difference

Industry Insight Manager

Our experts have first-hand industry experience and use their extensive knowledge and best practices to successfully guide your business.


We offer over 20,000 unique banners across 190 different markets, with retailer revenues broken down by market share and 1P vs. 3P.

Trusted Partner

Retail Insight is used by 8 of the top 10 global retailers and 17 of the top 20 consumer goods manufacturers.

Data and Capabilities

We have over two million data points, covering 40 economic indicators for every country with coverage and predictions since 1997.

Client success stories

Driving online grocery revenue in Brazil

Ocado had ambitions to expand into the Brazil, but lacked data to penetrate the market. Partnering with Retail Insight gave Ocado online grocery data by retailer and helped to identify opportunities. Using this intelligence, Ocado successfully entered the Brazillian market and subsequently grew revenue by over 10%.

Saving a failed launch

A client came to us after a disappointing new product launch failed to reach initial expectations. Our Retail Insight team identified four key areas to improve the shopper experience, leading to a 49% increase in Month-over-Month sales.