Growth is a moving target.

The brands of tomorrow look to Retail Insights to provide the foundations for strategic growth – and for the updates that help them make crucial pivots.

Retail Insights help to develop and keep your go to market strategy agile with a combination of data, analytics tools to help you identify where to play, and deep dive research reports detailing how to win.

Historical data plus 5-year future on and offline sales projections From thousands of global retailers, 200 markets, down to the banner level.

Deep-dive reports like Store-of-the-Month, Omnichannel Go-to-Market, and Retailer Strategic initiatives keep brands abreast of rapid changes in their industry, while curated news reports help brands navigate emerging trends.

The Retail Insight Solution

Market and Opportunity Sizing

Database of 5 year forward looking forecasts to help you decide where to play across markets, channels, retailers, banners and formats online and offline

Industry-leading Research

Reports anticipating the future direction of retailers, markets, channels, sectors and emerging digital commerce trends to build capabilities to win now and in the future

Dynamic Data Story-telling

Our Retail Market Monitor dashboards present flexible data visualizations on the retailer, product category & market historical benchmarking and future projections in an interactive and globally comparable way

Track & Monitor

Curating the most impactful and relevant breaking news developments, innovation and best in class case studies across categories and geographies in the digital and physical space


A leading grocery brand lacked the data to enable them to penetrate the online grocery market in Brazil.

They worked with Edge Retail Insights to identify:

  • Current market share
  • Trends in the category
  • Trends in the market

With a new strategy built around tailored insights, the client saw a 10.3% increase in revenue YoY.

Increase in revenue YoY