Why Edge

Our Vision

To give our clients the edge they need to win in digital retail

Our Extensive Capabilities Benefit You

Our proprietary algorithms are powered by one of the largest databases available in the marketplace, enabling us to offer a level of accuracy and detail that is difficult to find with any of our competitors. We are proud to be able to say that our data is trusted by the world’s largest companies when they need to make the tough decisions necessary to win in the market. We have established ourselves as a pioneer in the industry by prioritizing our clients’ needs with a quality of service that our competitors have been unable to replicate.

We’re the Safe Bet

The capital capacity and resources of our parent company, Ascential plc, ensures Edge by Ascential is best positioned as a long term strategic partner to enable our clients’ success – the days of being start-ups distracted by the need to raise our next round of capital are long behind us. Ascential developed Edge by Ascential with a very strong business model that has the ability to scale as the industry develops, giving us a distinct advantage when it comes to client success and market innovation. Choosing a partner who has a reliable future is critical to the success of your business.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, May ‘19

"Through its creation of Edge [by Ascential] and acquisition of Flywheel, Ascential is now the clear market leader in the provision of data and analytical systems to support product sales by manufacturers on eCommerce platforms ... Edge [by Ascential] appear[s] to be the largest and potentially the only well capitalized player of scale in the industry."

We Can Solve Your Biggest Problems

When it comes to selecting the right partner for your business, it’s important to remember that “one-size” definitely does not “fit all.” By working with us, you can tailor-fit our solution to answer the specific business needs plaguing your business. Edge by Ascential’s impressive suite of best-in-class solutions give our clients a comprehensive and competitive advantage they won’t find anywhere else. We offer weekly, daily and real-time data-driven insights, along with a wide range of customized advisory and education services. All designed with the goal of helping you take your business to the next level with configurable, actionable, real-time data and insight at your fingertips.

We've helped companies of all shape and size find their edge

Louis Prior, Global Ecommerce Commercial Manager


"The thing that differentiates Edge by Ascential is their ability to partner with and serve their clients, as well as their ability keep their finger on the pulse on where the industry is headed."

Red Bull
Brad Accarino, International Ecommerce Manager

Red Bull

"We've seen Edge by Ascential be a pioneer in bringing together different resources that really help you drive your ecommerce business."

Warner Bros.
Philippe Roucoule, VP, Retail Business Development EMEA

Warner Bros.

"Edge by Ascential is a critical partner in our decision making. Helping us focus and prioritize on the key trends which are going to shape our industry, and ultimately our business."

Coty, Inc.
Ruana Di Marco, Ecommerce Content Manager

Coty, Inc.

"Edge by Ascential is really important for us because it enables us to see how our business is doing online. They enable us to see if we are performing well and where the gaps are."

Mondelēz International
Oliver Lee, Ecommerce Growth & Innovation Manager

Mondelēz International

"The difference Edge by Ascential has over it's competition is the people; their ability to make us question what we are doing and making sure we are always performing at our best."

Be part of our network
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Be a part of our network

Partnering with Edge by Ascential is about more than products and services alone: It's about tapping into one of the largest networks of ecommerce knowledge in the world. 

By working with Edge by Ascential you become a member of a global community. Our team of experts have first-hand, industry knowledge that is at your disposal and can help you with the latest industry learnings and best practices. Beyond our team, we foster networking amongst our clients, encouraging you to work with each other. 
Become a part of something bigger.