Navigate Retail 5.0 in Southeast Asia Whitepaper

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Retail is on the cusp of entering the fifth generation and the next era of its evolution. Ecommerce sales in Southeast Asia will grow nearly 18% to reach almost US$38.2 billion by the end of 2022, up from US$31.9 billion in 2021 (source: Edge Retail Insight).

This mass switch to online commerce has ushered in a new shopper-brand and shopper-retailer relationship, Retail 5.0, a revolutionary retail experience combining data and algorithms to deliver a customizable shopping experience.

We predict that consumer brands with operating models optimized for Generation 5.0 will dominate their categories. For instance, we believe that growth for CPGs in Southeast Asia will be driven by a small number of online marketplaces, such as Lazada, Shopee and Tokopedia. 

This whitepaper is relevant to any CPG brand looking to optimize their strategy for a new era of retail. Download this whitepaper to find out: 

  • Retail trends in Southeast Asia 
  • Challenges your brand will face in Southeast Asia 
  • Ascential Digital Commerce’s key recommendations for your brand 

Ascential Digital Commerce recently organized a Navigate Retail 5.0 in Southeast Asia Live Summit to spearhead discussions about Retail 5.0.

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“With shifting consumer behaviors, ecommerce and fast delivery are now considered table stakes. Consumers expect much more from their online experience. They want to try new products frequently, have personalized experiences, seamless customer journeys, and interactive engagement,” said Saad Ahmed, Managing Director, Regional Head of Merchants & Commercial, Grab, during our Live Summit. 

Leading Marketplaces in SEA

Leading marketplaces in SEA