Is your Brand Growing as fast as the category on Amazon or Walmart? As fast as the competition?

It’s a simple question, but proves increasingly challenging.

At Edge, we utilize the largest set of Amazon and Walmart sales data to provide industry leading Market Share solutions for both Amazon and Walmart.

The result?
Our best in class Market Share data is the industry’s most accurate solution–equipping you with data you can trust to make critical business decisions.

The Amazon Market Share Solution
We give the world’s largest brands the confidence to benchmark their performance on Amazon, increase their sales and market share, identify new competitive threats, and much more.

Walmart Market Share Solution
Edge Walmart Market Share is the most accurate in the industry and provides you with weekly sales and share you can trust to identify new opportunities and protect your share. View brand level detail weekly for you and your competitors.

Problems We Solve

Protect & Grow Amazon Share

Benchmark your sales and share weekly vs. your competitive space to identify new threats

Drive Sales

View traffic vs conversion metrics so you can identify your best and worst performing ASINs, promote your best converting items, fix issues with lower converting products and increase your overall sales

Promotional & Search Effectiveness

Spend your marketing dollars effectively and uncover the most profitable promotional strategies your competitors employ.

Discover the exact moments when customers are really searching for your products so you can avoid losing sales and remain present on the results page.

Build an effective 1P/3P strategy

Edge provides the most robust 1P/3P split so you can not only identify sales by 1P (and 2P) vs 3P but you can also identify your top 3P sellers and build out an effective strategy

Maintain Profitability

Understand the profitability of your items to avoid CRaPping out


A leading CPG Brand needed to increase its category share online to match its strong performance in the bricks-and-mortar channel.

Utilizing Edge Market Share and expertise from the Edge Consulting team, the client was able to identify gaps in their Amazon strategy to drive an increase in ad spend which led to an increase in their category share from 45% to 70%.

Increase in category share