Accelerate Sales, Share, Traffic and Conversion on Amazon

Market Share 2.0 - for Amazon


Benchmark your item-level sales, share, traffic, conversion, and shelf data against your competition to understand exactly what is and isn’t working in your Amazon strategy.

Built from ASIN level up, meaning that our 1P & 3P calculations are tailor-fit to drive growth on Amazon.

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Actionable insights – not just data. Measure your ‘own’ items to track and respond to trends that could affect your performance, down to the ASIN:

  • Measure your own items' sales & share to track growth 
  • Identify sales trends and potential opportunities in your business
  • Analyze category strengths/weaknesses

Accrued Sales & Share

Monitor your competition, benchmark your performance and see how you can take the lead.

Competition Sales & Share

Discover what actions are driving your success and where you need to respond - Sales, Conversion, Traffic or Share.

My Sales Drivers


Dive into the details and better understand your shelf performance on Amazon.

Scorecard for Shelf

Share your analysis with your team with customizable downloads and automated report subscriptions.


Downloads and Scheduled Emails

Understand the overall impact that 3P sellers have on your Amazon business to better optimize your Amazon strategy so that you can:

  • Measure 3P sales and share for your category
  • Identify Lost Buy Box (LBB) problems due to out-of-stock periods
  • Pinpoint and track what products are being sold
  • Address non-authorized 3P Sellers

3P Tracking for Amazon


With Traffic and Conversion for Amazon, leverage your custom catalog to monitor your traffic and conversion data down to the ASIN-level and in comparison to your competition’s, so that you can:

  • Visualize your SKU-level traffic and conversion
  • Analyze ROI of AMG and AMS programs, by tracking traffic patterns around your digital campaigns
  • Understand the item-level impact of SEO and other Digital Shelf efforts
  • Identify best performing conversion strategies

Traffic and Conversion for Amazon


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