Carrefour Brazil Q1 Sales Grow 12.5% as Coronavirus Boosts Ecommerce

Carrefour Brazil reports a 12.5% sales growth in Q1 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Carrefour also reports the shift from stores to ecommerce has been accelerated. Demand for food ecommerce operations has tripled, with a change in consumer preference for delivery methods. Home fulfillment represented 85% of orders, up from 61% in Q4 2019, as customers opted for home delivery over click and collect. This increase in demand for ecommerce services has been seen in many markets, with Target last week announcing an increase in digital comparable sales of 275% and Tesco doubling its delivery slots to 1.2 million per week.  

Brands should prepare for a ‘new normal’ where ecommerce sales represent a greater total share and form a key part of grocery replenishment missions. While retailers invest in increasing delivery capacity, CPGs should work with retailers to build online visibility as the importance of digital touchpoints increases rapidly, from mobile and websites, to loyalty apps and social platforms. 


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