Marketplace-Proof Your Brand: Integrated Solutions to Control Sales in the Age of Ecommerce

In this special edition strategy webcast, we joined forces with Vorys eControl, an industry leader in brand protection and third-party marketplace enforcement.

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In this age of ecommerce, many brands are struggling to control the sale of their products on Amazon and other marketplaces. A lack of control generally means a rise in unauthorized 3P sellers of your product, which causes a litany of negative outcomes for your brand. Leaving these unauthorized sellers unchecked will hurt your brand equity, cause channel conflict and harm your brand’s relationship with both consumers and authorized channel partners.

In this recent webcast, we partnered with Whitney Gibson and Denise Zmuda from Vorys’ eControl practice who discussed the problems that arise from fragmented approaches to unauthorized sales, and used case studies to introduce specific, integrated strategies to control sales, increase buy-box percentage and protect brand equity.


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Vorys’ eControl practice has helped over 300 brands and counting control their sales online, developing customizable end-to-end strategies that help brands enforce MAP compliance, eliminate channel conflict, protect brand value, and regain control and grow online marketplace sales.

Whitney Gibson
Partner & Leader, Vorys
Whitney Gibson
Denise Zmuda
Chief Strategy Officer, Vorys
Denise Zmuda
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