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Some Of Our Customers

Hear From Some of Our Global Customers on How They are Winning Online with Clavis Insight




Martyn Blakeley - Global Digital Commerce Content

"Clavis gives us visibility of how we're performing and the tools to help us understand what we need to optimize better in order to improve the availability of our products, the integrity, the equity, and ultimately drive sales both online and in store."

RB, North America

Ryan Pancoast - Senior Analyst

"There's a ton of business problems Clavis helps us solve. I think the best part about Clavis is that it pulls all the insights into one place - it reduces a lot of the manual ​effort of managing a vast eCommerce portfolio across different retailers and channels."

Unilever China Division

Terry Chang - Head of Digital Business Development

Clavis is an integral part of our ecommerce and digital strategy and contributes significantly to our ecommerce growth in China. The local team’s level of service, innovation and professionalism are unrivalled.


Jeffrey Kruskall - VP, Business Development

"Clavis makes a big difference to the bottom line because we're not trying to guess and throw darts at the board, we are truly focused on the customer-first experience."

Beiersdorf North East Asia

Thomas Grunzke - Managing Director

“At Beiersdorf China, digital is a key channel for our business. Working with Clavis Insight is enabling our sales, marketing and ecommerce teams to boost our sales and protect our brands. The Clavis ecommerce intelligence solution delivers valuable daily insights closely aligned with our business goals.”

Coty Luxury UK

Ruana Di Marco - eCommerce Manager

"Without getting the basics right, your consumers are never going to see the information that they need to convert. Therefore, that ability to see the data that Clavis provides has made us change the way that we're doing things to help us to drive more conversion in our business."