Edge by Ascential Launches new Retail Insight Platform for Global Brand Manufacturers and Retailers With Next-Gen Retailer and Market Data Tool

Edge Retail Insight (formerly PlanetRetail RNG) customers will have access to industry-leading data, analysis and visualization tools to build customized reports of historical and forecast performance data by retailer, market, channel and banner of choice

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BOSTON, MA—December 6, 2018—Edge by Ascential, the industry's most accurate and actionable sales-driven data, insights and advisory solution for global brands and retailers, has just announced the launch of their new Edge Retail Insight platform for brands and retailers. The new platform consolidates data, analytics and content from legacy brands Planet Retail and RNG into a single and practical location with increased usability, a newly designed search engine and enhanced filtering features.

“The new data platform really brings our data to life with custom visualization tools and interactive dashboards,” explains Mike Karlsven, Senior Director of Technology at Edge by Ascential. “We have made over 150 macroeconomic data types available to our customers—previously these were only available internally to our analysts. The ability to customize reports via our ad-hoc analysis report builder allows customers to ask unique questions of the data and customize the chart type, colors, fonts, and more. A truly customizable experience to identify growth opportunities in our growing digital economy.”

The Edge Retail Insight platform is fully searchable and includes four main areas with which brand and retailer customers can develop the building blocks of their go-to-market strategy: Data & Insights, Research, News and Events.

As part of the Data & Insights section, Edge Retail Insight customers have access to the next-generation market and retailer analysis tool Retail Market Monitor with which they can:

  •  Identify trends and future disruptions early on
  • Track, analyse and benchmark omnichannel and pureplay retailer performance
  • Compare and size opportunities across markets, channels, retailers, banners, formats, regions, product categories and time periods
  • Access visualized data on retailer and market landscapes or create comparative views of performance data based on their specifications

“The newly redesigned Edge Retail Insight platform has truly simplified accessibility to data,” says Guillaume Boyer, Director of Strategic Projects at Carrefour. “Specifically, the Retail Market Monitor tool has been helping us to identify trends and opportunities across various retailers, markets and more. Its custom visualization is a great feature that allows us to create unique reports based on several combinations of our reporting needs.”

In addition, all of Edge Retail Insight’s industry-leading category, market and future trend reports are now available in the Research section; a complete list of upcoming and recordings of Edge Events can be accessed in the Events section; and the newly optimized News section amalgamates the most important retail news stories globally, as curated and scrutinized by the Edge Retail Insight team of expert analysts.


The Daily Briefing newsletter will now be available to all customers of Edge by Ascential’s Market Share, Digital Shelf, Price + Promotions, Retail Insight, and Advisory & Education products and services. Previously, this curated daily newsletter, read by industry veterans and C-level brand and retailer executives, was only available to Edge Retail Insight clients.

“The shift to digital retail means that go-to-market strategies will need to be evaluated and executed more frequently,” states Danny Silverman, CMO at Edge by Ascential. “Scenario planning is becoming more complex – it has to contend with more data points, more variables, all the while becoming simultaneously more global and hyper local. We fundamentally acknowledge that tomorrow’s success belongs to the brands and retailers who are embracing today’s ecommerce-driven retail world. And that is why Edge by Ascential delivers the next generation retail intelligence platform that provides our clients with cutting-edge tools, processes, data and resources so that they can make faster, more effective decisions today and confidently impact their success tomorrow.”

For more information and to schedule a demo of the new Edge Retail Insight platform, visit https://www.ascentialedge.com/insights/announcing-new-edge-retail-insight-digital-platform


About Edge by Ascential 

Formerly Brand View, Clavis Insight, One Click Retail and PlanetRetail RNG, Edge by Ascential™ delivers some of the industry's most accurate and actionable sales-driving data, insights and advisory solutions for global brands and retailers looking to win in today's ecommerce-driven world. Our solutions enable the world's top brands and retailers to implement strategies that help maximize revenue growth; optimize product listings; increase sales faster than the category and the competition; and drive margin growth with pricing and promotions. Our weekly, daily and real-time data-driven insights (including online Sales and Share measurement, Digital Shelf performance, Price & Promotions monitoring and Retail Insight intelligence), coupled with a wide range of customized advisory and education services, give our clients a comprehensive and competitive advantage across the entire landscape online and around the globe.


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