Prioritize My Actions with “One Click”

Prioritize My Actions tells you what Customers want most, using the industry’s best and only SKU level traffic data by One Click Retail integrated with the Clavis data you know and love to highlight the most important insights for your business.

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Prioritize My Actions with “One Click” integrates Amazon Traffic & Sales data from  the Amazon Dashboard powered by One Click Retail directly into Clavis Insight’s industry-leading 6Ps eCommerce Intelligence™ platform. The combined data empowers your team to respond quickly to the actions which will have the highest impact on supply, branding and content, search and discoverability, ratings and reviews or price and promotions.


How Prioritize My Actions Makes Your eCommerce Team More Efficient

Prioritize My Actions presents One Click Retail sales and traffic data within product tables, making it easy to isolate a set of SKUs to optimize.  

Using either Report Builder or Product Actions Tracker,  you can choose to sort products by Amazon traffic or sales and overlay with additional metrics such as price, promotions, availability, 3P, content, reviews and search rank to understand:

  • Priority order for addressing out-of-stocks or 3P sales issues
  • High impact, quick-hit actions for brand, category, marketing or supply teams
  • Changes in sales rates during promotion periods
  • Traffic increases during marketing initiatives or paid search placements
  • The potential impact of out-of-stocks, price, and content on Amazon traffic and sales



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Prioritize My Actions with “One Click” Traffic & Sales data is currently available to monitor Amazon in select markets, and requires a subscription to the core Clavis Insight eCommerce analytics platform.


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