Institutional and private equity investors are both looking for the same thing: An accurate picture of ecommerce dynamics that are otherwise hidden from view.

Ascential Digital Commerce is the leading provider of accurate online retail performance measurement.

Ascential Alternative Data works with professional investors to provide insights to help them form accurate pictures of performance for Fashion and CPG brands, retailers, categories & markets.

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Solutions for
Public Market Investors

Hedge funds, asset funds managers, and other public market investors look for data sets that provide novel perspectives into ecommerce dynamics.

Ascential Alternative Data provides ecommerce data products that comport with industry requirements, such as compliance-friendly data collection, breadth of ticker and category coverage, length of history available for backtesting, and granularity & modularity that support data mining.

Ascential Alternative Data provides two products for public market investors: Ecommerce Insights, Shopper Insights

Public market investors use these insights for:

Margin Modeling
Leverage pricing and markdown data to identify deviations from expected financial performance for brands, retailers & categories

Inflation Modeling
Analyze brands, retailers & categories for their ability to maintain pricing power, and identify when tipping points are developing

Thematic Insights
Mine product meta data to identify developing trends within brands, retailers & categories

Solutions for
Private Market Investors

Ascential Alternative Data works with private market investors, and their preferred strategy consultants, to provide structured big data sets or to collaborate consultatively on analyses of ecommerce trends.

AAD works with private market investors to provide trending historic and current data at speed for:

Identify potential CPG investments through analysis of estimated eCommerce sales

Use category sizing, growth, pricing & movements to assess CPG, Fashion and Grocery investment opportunities Growth Identify key areas of growth through analysis of ecommerce category sales, and pricing + promotion patterns

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