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Track key measures that could influence the performance of consumer goods or consumer brand investments, with our data on pricing, sales and share and customer perception.

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The pricing, consumer perception, sales and share experts

Data feeds, custom charts, and advisory services to meet your needs. Structured data sets support your prediction models. Consistent, organized and compliance-friendly, they track key current and historical measures that influence the performance of your investments.

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Ascential Alternative Data offers data feeds, custom charts, and advisory services to meet your needs

Monitor pricing architectures

Track movements in average price, promotional discounting, product availability, catalogue breadth and mix.

Indicate revenue performance

Use data as a leading indicator in your revenue and gross margin performance models for a specific retailer/brand.

Track brand health

Track movements in brand health and customer visitation, online and instore.

Identify purchase barriers

Identify future barriers to purchase within a brand's health proposition that might impact future revenue and margin.

Track category growth

Track category growth rates on major marketplaces and itemize the performance of the key publicly traded brands.

Monitor basket inflation

Track inflation on a basket of ecommerce goods or a full catalogue.

Our data sets cover pricing, consumer perception and sales & share, in sectors such as apparel, grocery, home improvement and other consumer categories to support your prediction models and meet your compliances.

Price and promotion data set

Monitor average selling price and markdown % changes, product availability issues, product count, and expansion/contraction. Apparel and Luxury
Ordered by
retailer or brand
2013 to date 360+ retailer websites US, UK, Germany, China, + more
General Retail
Ordered by
category (Grocery, Home Improvement, Beauty and more)
January 2017 to date 100 retailers US and UK

Customer intent data set

Daily survey interviewing 180k consumers per year, bespoke surveys on request from a customisable panel. Apparel Daily survey interviewing 180k consumers per year March 2017 to date 230 retailers tracked 150+ measures tracked US, UK, Germany

Sales and share data set

Monitor sales growth and market share by brand on major online marketplaces. Amazon, Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo sales and share Category, brand and SKU granularity July 2018 to date US, UK, Germany, China