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Retail is constantly changing. Keeping pace with your competition is overwhelming

To win, you need to find a solution that is specifically geared to address your business needs - you can't fix what you aren't measuring. At Edge by Ascential, our goal is to make a tangible difference in your business with our tailor-fit solution.

By working with us you're choosing a personalized experience, leveraging the most accurate, comprehensive and trusted data available.

Our team of industry experts are trusted by over 600 of the world’s largest brands and retailers and will work with you to find the exact solutions you need to strategically maneuver and win in the marketplace. 


When you know, when you act, you win.

Market Share

Sell more on Amazon with the analytics and insights you need to maximize performance and ROI vs competitors and the category. Market Share for Amazon provides some of the most accurate sales, share, traffic and conversion data – and more – in multiple Amazon global markets.

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Digital Shelf

Pursue the ‘perfect’ shelf with actions prioritized by the five Essential KPIs: Availability, Search Rank, Content Accuracy, Ratings/Reviews and Price/Promotions. We pioneered digital shelf measurement and remain the world leader.

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Price + Promotion

Plan, execute and analyze the optimal strategies to drive growth and profitability with Price + Promo - the leading SaaS solution for retail price & promotions data, analytics and insights.

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Retail Insight

Stay ahead of retail trends and strategically plan for the future with Retail Insight primary research and trends. New reports are delivered at regular intervals, and historical reporting is easily accessible through our portal.

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Advisory and Education

Knowing how to access data and knowing what to do with it are two different things. Over 50 industry veterans are available via our Advisory solutions to help solve complex business challenges while our E^Hackathons and Share Groups offer peer learning opportunities.

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