Driving Internal Engagement as Online Sales Sharply Increase Globally

VP, Digital Shelf, Clare Conway, explains how to drive adoption of your ecommerce vision, strategy and KPIs across the business using Customizable Dashboards.

We hear from our clients, the world’s leading CPG brands, that one of their biggest challenges is driving advocacy, visibility and engagement of their ecommerce goals across the business. Leaders are tasked with driving digital to the top of the boardroom agenda, often in businesses that have historically relied on bricks and mortar sales.

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It is not news to anyone that ecommerce is the primary growth area in retail, but communicating the sheer speed that ecommerce is grabbing share of sales is challenging. By 2024, our research predicts ecommerce will account for 30% of global retail sales. That projection was pre-Covid-19. As the world has recently and dramatically changed, so have consumer habits and this, for many, has been an ‘online awakening’. The ‘traditional shopper’ has now been forced to engage with online shopping, and GlobalIndex (2020) found that 25% of people are now shopping online more. In Italy, Carrefour has seen its online customer base double to 110,000. In France, both home delivery and click and collect orders show a year-on-year increase of close to 30% (Financial Times, 2020).


Global Ecommerce Sales Set to Grow 20% by 2024.

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As an ecommerce leader, it is your responsibility to drive adoption of your ecommerce vision, strategy and KPIs across the business. We designed our new Dashboard capability alongside our clients to help them embed their objectives within their business. Our Customizable Dashboards have been created to ensure they align seamlessly with your business goals—supporting adoption, providing transparency and driving changes in behavior.

Adoption is key

As ecommerce becomes ever more critical for your business, you need to ensure you are driving advocacy and engagement internally. Branding your dashboard and aligning it to your corporate design standards breeds familiarity and transcends resistance, which is often associated with third-party platforms.

Talking Your Language

Every business has its own unique language and lexicon, and aligning to your definitions is key. We live in a world of acronyms and, all too often, conflicting terminology or internal abbreviations can cause confusion and hinder progress. With a Customizable Dashboard you can align reporting metrics to your business definitions—ensuring everyone is speaking the same language. 

Guiding Your Goals

Companies have spent lots of time and resource in defining their ecommerce strategy to the goals of the organization. Pragmatic businesses get team leaders to ‘buy-in’ by linking their goals to their business objectives, and then generating KPIs to measure progress. This is why many leaders rely on Custom Dashboards to ensure their digital shelf-performance-management solution reflects and reinforces their hard-won planning efforts and helps realize the investment they have made. Our customizable features also save time. As they are built around collective goals, team leaders save time by drilling into their KPIs to find the right actions to distribute and assign.

Aligning to Your Industry

The right metrics are unique to your business and industry. A luxury-goods brand may want to focus on different ecommerce metrics and targets than an electronics manufacturer, or a consumer-packaged-goods seller. An organization further along the maturity curve—when it comes to ecommerce—may want to focus on different and more nuanced priorities than a brand that is just diving in. The Digital Shelf platform is highly configurable, and the Customizable Dashboard options give you the flexibility to select and prioritize the metrics that are key to you. 

Develop your branded ecommerce program

Our expert Advisory team can work with you to help you define ecommerce success metrics, benchmark best practices and support initiative development and implementation—ensuring maximum impact. In a workshop tailored to your organization’s unique structure and needs, we will help you:

  • Benchmark your KPIs vs. Edge by Ascential’s best-in-class 6P Digital Shelf Framework and evaluate metrics you are tracking and actioning today.
  • Understand organizational support for ecommerce and how digital accountabilities are currently being managed and measured.
  • Identify key metrics, learn how best to organize them and who should have accountability for each.
  • Ensure that the Dashboard is aligned to your company’s objectives and deployed against strategic and operational initiatives


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