2022 Planning Season Guide - Americas

Access our Americas 2022 Retail Strategies guide below to help drive your brand's success in the coming years. 

Our post-COVID-19 forecasts show that by 2023, ecommerce will account for a third (35%) of global chain retail sales. This is more than double that of 2015 (13.5%). That means growth strategies - and budgets, operating structures and skills - for 2022 and beyond must pivot to this shift, while store strategies - still important - will have to adapt. Our industry experts in Edge use their in-depth understanding of the ecommerce landscape combined with Edge's predictive analysis data to forecast what the future retail landscape may look like, to help brands understand how best to capitalize on this new industry growth. 

To help you better understand your 2022 retail strategy, we are pleased to offer you access to our planning guide Create Winning Retail Strategies for 2022 and Beyond. 

This practical guide helps you to identify business priorities with confidence, allowing you to succeed in an age of constant disruption. It includes: 

  • How the past 12-18 months has shaped ecommerce 
  • Trends to watch for 2022
  • Expert analysis and case studies 

As well as much more insight and analysis. 

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