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Retailer Initiatives Q1 2019
Find out what key retailers have been up to during the first quarter of this year, and how these may impact your business.

Amazon Pureplay Retailer Executive Summary
Detailed summary of the ecommerce giant’s massive shifts in 3P-1P hybrid marketplace and its growing grocery and advertising arms

USA Ecommerce Market Report
Uncover the data, forecasts and outlook behind the US market and refine your future strategy. We help you identify the key strategies of top retailers in the US, including last-mile fulfillment, 3rd party partnerships and more. 

Shopper Engagement & Retention Executive Summary
Detailed summary highlighting strategies brands and retailers must implement to drive long-term engagement through enrichment of customers’ experience.

Essential Stores
Understand the most innovative merchandising, store design, experience, and in-store digital trends globally, helping your business learn from new formats and prepare for potential competition. 

Convenience Channel Executive Summary
Understand the attributes of the convenience store of the future and the growing competition for quick trip missions, highlighting emerging threats and opportunities that all retailers can prepare for. 

Food & Beverage Sector Report
Latest forecasts and developments from relevant retailers around the world, designed to help you stay on top of impactful changes in the Food & Beverage sector.


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